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The Man from The Magazine

The man from the magazine arrived at his destination with a sense of trepidation on that fated day of May 13. Although not in Lodi, he was in the western part of this Kentucky County on assignment to cover a story about an alleged ragtag band of assorted gunslingers, supposed lawmen, villains, and gamblers, all of them armed with at least two six shooters, a rifle, and packing a shotgun or two. The reporter had just finished a three year stint doing stories for a dime novel by the name of “Outlaws, Rogues and Vagrants,” and now earned his keep by writing for one of the new pulp magazines that had become popular in the Territories. His new Publishers out east had heard about these git-togethers and wanted some new stories for the eager readers down to the South


James was the real name of the writer but in print he went by the byline of Jimbob, and right now he was sore, and a little more than creaky from traveling a trail of what consisted of seemingly endless switchbacks, gully ruts, and fallen timber. He was wearing a pair of sensible sodbuster type round toed boots, his denim britches, long sleeve shirt, vest and his Bowler hat. Stuck in the pockets of his vest was his timepiece, notebooks,Dixon pencils, an Eversharp fountain pen, and a Remington Type 1 .41 caliber derringer.The closest he would probably ever get to gunslinging would be to sling some ink.
Looking over to the flash of purple by the tree line that had caught his eye, he noticed that the purple he had seen was a cloth shirt, and hung over the frame of a tall, lanky ombre hitching up his gun belts. The man appeared to be friendly enough, but with his hat shading part of his features, and with that white beard, it was hard to be certain.
                                                      To Be Continued………

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The Cormorant

Cormorants are medium-to-large birds, with body weight in the range of 0.77–11.02 lb. and wing span of 18–39 in. All species are fish-eaters, catching the prey by diving from the surface. They are excellent divers, and under water they propel themselves with their feet with help from their wings. Humans have used cormorants’ fishing skills in various places in the world, mainly in the Orient. In a common technique, a snare is tied near the base of the bird’s throat, which allows the bird only to swallow small fish. When the bird captures and tries to swallow a large fish, the fish is caught in the bird’s throat. When the bird returns to the fisherman’s raft, the fisherman helps the bird to remove the fish from its throat.

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Memorial Day

The Beagles and I started on Memorial Day early. Toni wants to drive, and Indie is looking for more ammo!Tamk Mail

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The Adventures of Jimbob and the City Beagles

Rabbit Patrol
Growing up as a young boy in the farmland of Michigan I am no stranger to the outdoor world. Many times have I heard the crunch of snow under my boots during the frigid winters or felt sweat stinging my eyes while baling hay beneath the hot August sun. Field corn had to be planted by Memorial Day and should be knee high by July 4th. is how the old guys put it. After the corn was put in the silos in October it was also time to Pheasant hunt. A good hunting dog to have along with you was like having a multi tool at your side.
It seemed like we always had a dog around, I guess it was ours because we fed it and it stayed with us. When you’re ten years old it really doesn’t matter what kind of dog it is,….. read the full story in our upcoming illustrated book “Jimbob and the Adventures of the City Beagles

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Nashville Skyline at 84mph

Nashville Skyline is the ninth studio album by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, released on April 9, 1969. Among the songs in the album was “Lay Lady Lay”. This photo was taken on I-65 southbound just north of Goodlettsville.Nashville skyline

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Moon over Steak n’ Shake

A waxing moon is in the process of increasing how much of it is lit, it’s headed toward being a full moon. Waning is the opposite. A waxing moon will be lit from the left and a waning one on the right. Gus Belt  founded Steak ‘n Shake in Normal, Illinois in February 1934, after serving four years in the United States Marine Corps. He converted his combination gas station and chicken restaurant that he owned by the name of Shell’s Chicken into a hamburger stand. Steak ‘n Shake’s slogan “In Sight It Must Be Right” originally referred to Belt’s practice of wheeling a barrel of T-bone, sirloin, and round steaks into the public area of his restaurant, then grinding them into burgers in front of his customers.Moon over Steak n Shake

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