The Great Blue Heron


The Great Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron


The great blue Heron stood on his spindly legs that were now covered with old age spots and moved the better of his two golden eyeballs across the marshy pond. Trying to ignore one of his brethren cousins, a Bittern, he was hoping to spear a snack with his bill real soon to help fill his prominent belly.




He had been coming to this pond for several cycles now and he wasn’t sure how many more trips he would be able to make. His bones were creaky and he noticed on the flight up here from his winter home that he now had several white wing feathers that once had been blue.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Had he been a human and able to read a map he would find that his exact flight co-ordinates were at 36° 59′ 25″ N / 86° 26′ 37″ W, or at a place called Bowling Green in Kentucky.


About Jimbob Baird

Photographer and writer. Stories of a Photographer and Writer in search of the perfect Photo Story just like a Gardener in search of a blue rose.
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