Jim The Picture man climbed into his blue Mustang convertible, set his camera on the passenger seat and put the car into gear. He was headed to one of his favorite watering holes for a jumbo size iced cherry limeade and a chilli dog.

He had bought the car from Betterworth Motors and within a day of having it, it seemed that the car was produced with him in mind. Speaking of mind, he better keep his mind on driving the car, the signal had turned red and he slid to a stop. He looked to his left to see what was next to him and his heart did a world class flip flop. No less than a semi tractor, navy blue in color with gold lettering was next to him and when he looked closer he saw the words Carrie Anne, an eagle and a rose on the side of the cab. It wasn’t a blue rose but doggone if it wasn’t a rose on a blue background.It didn’t seem like he could reach for his camera quick enough but he did. He leaned out the car window and fired off two quick shots.

Carrie Anne


The future wife

Seeing the name Carrie Anne took him back momentarily to the summer of 1967. The Hollies put out that hit and if he tried hard enough he probably could a better job of remembering the lyrics of that song than he could his granddaughters’ birthdays. 1967 was a year of war in Vietnam, riots in the cities and last time he saw his grandmother Ethel alive. He could still picture her wearing her blue calico nightgown and slippers sitting in her rocking chair and eating cornbread and milk out of a blue Tupperware bowl. That Fall he also met his future wife and bought his second used car, a 1964 Malibu Super Sport rag top.

With his 1964 Chevelle Malibu

The green light of reality moved Carrie Anne away leaving him with the smell of diesel fuel instead of the fragrance of Ambush or Tabu.The Picture Man shifted gears and made a left turn on to Nashville Road from Dishman Lane, he had decided to take the scenic route back to the Track. US31W or Nashville Road is an odd collection of new steel and shiny glass mixed in with worn clapboard , rusty cars and vacant land.He had plenty of time to cruise good old US 31 and he wanted to see if the old Cadillac was still in front of the concrete Company. The Cadillac was a 1975 and of the same color that Country Western singer and songwriter Hank Williams had died in. He was pronounced dead on New Years day 1953 after being declared dead by the local Medical Examiner. Cause of death was a malfunction of a heart valve which is a polite way of saying too much much booze and drugs at once. Blue was not a good color for him.

Hank Williams blue


Seen along US31

Alongside US 31

1960 Chevy on US 31

US31 Runs from northern Michigan to southern Alabama. South of Montgomery, US 31 is sometimes called the “Mobile Highway”. Markers in North Alabama also identify it as the “Beeline Highway”.

On US 31

It was that time of the year were Thistle was adding some color to the vacant lots, he remembered reading somewhere that Kiowa Indians would boil the blossoms and make a burn ointment from it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Getting closer to town now he passed the Cardinal Motel where two things caught his eye and made him do a u-turn in the old Diner across the street.

The Cardinal Motel

An old Diner

What looked like about a 1958 yellow Pontiac was item number one in his sight line,. Item number two was some Babe in a Cowboy hat. He hoped that his camera battery still had some juice and his ink pen hadn’t run dry.Things just might get interesting here, it was a long time since he had laid his eyes on a good looking 1950’s Pontiac. The lady? no way was he going to guess what would come out of here mouth, she looked like was from California and in his experiences people from California did not have a sense of humor and were so poor they didn’t have two thin dimes to rub together.

1958 Pontiac Station Wagon

The Babe

To be continued……….,
Upcoming characters in the Blue Rose Stories……………

Del the train engineer

Betty the mom

The bus station

Tobacco Road

The Blue Mustang

Tammy the hitchhiker

Ghost Dancer

Ghost Dancer



To be continued……….,

About Jimbob Baird

Photographer and writer. Stories of a Photographer and Writer in search of the perfect Photo Story just like a Gardener in search of a blue rose.
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