Not far from Bowling Green

It’s difficult to catch the wind or to harness a butterfly, it is even more difficult to explain the Blue Rose. One thing that it is, is a collection of stories with pictures and mostly true. Other than that, the what or the possibly the who, I will leave up to you. I wish I could say the Blue Rose was the result of one of my three a.m. wakings, grabbing a notebook and pen, but it was not that dramatic. Flipping through my photographs one day I ran across the blue passionflower and rose, put two and two together and here is the outcome. Having done some non fiction writing, I wondered what sort of story I could come up by mixing the truth with some ideas where the truth was not that important. While doing some research, I discovered that there are several books out there with the title of The Blue Rose but a true Blue Rose flower remains a Gardener’s dream.

The word “dream” seems fitting as this series of stories will be a journey of a Photojournalist as he seeks the perfect “Blue Rose” Story. Come along on this trip but just remember, as Ringo Starr said”You know it don’t come easy.”An Encounter

Not far from Bowling Green

Not far from Bowling Green life is good at the Porky Pig Diner
The Picture Man up shifted as he hit a flat stretch on highway 31 headed toward Edmonson County and away from Bowling Green. He had noticed earlier that it was a picture perfect blue sky, light breezes and up above, ice crystals of a few wispy cirrus clouds were floating around.

It was the rest day of the week and he wanted to do a little shooting, maybe catch a freight train rolling by, a red-tailed hawk eyeballing a farmer’s field or pretty much whatever would come along. Having checked out the map beforehand just like any good old Boy Scout would, he had decided on the Porky Pig for a cup of coffee and a pause for the cause. Who know, he might get lucky and  even run across a good story or two.

Sunday morning at 7:30 is slow time at the Porky Pig Diner in Pig, a quick
head count showed 16 Diners. This would change as soon as the churches
let out when in a matter of three hours one hundred to one hundred fifty
people would come for the Sunday Buffet.
As soon as the here comes a stranger head snaps were done with, talk,
conversation and gossip returned back to normal. According to one of the regulars, Joe Daugherty, anyone sitting at the big round table was considered to be”Sitting at the story table or at the table of knowledge.”

Joe and grandson

A little
eavesdropping reassured me that the group was doing a fine job of solving
the problems of the world. Owner of the Pig for 21 years, Ramona Durham
flashes smiles and if she has time will tell you that the Diner has been
featured in several national publications. This place is neat, clean, has a
great menu and Ethan and Ramona’s cooking makes it smell like
grandma’s kitchen.

Breakfast Buffet



The buffet menu usually has four meats including their
famous fried catfish, fried chicken, ham, smoked pulled pork, side dishes
and dessert. The community of Pig got its name when in order to have a
Post Office it needed a name. The townsfolk had a meeting about the
name and basically squabbled about whose last name it should carry until
one farmer saw a hog crossing the road and said “Hey, let’s name the town
Pig”. Ah, life was good and sometimes easy. To be continued……



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